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Opioid Epidemic - Dealing with Insurance companies

With the current opioid crisis on the rise, doctors and pharmacies have been getting a large bulk of the blame.  But at the end of the day, insurance companies hold just as a great of a responsibility.  They have continued to authorize the sale of opioid medication while making doctors jump through no hoops to approve other newer and safer medications.  This article goes over a couple of examples such as one patient getting their butrans patch denied, forcing the patient to start using long acting morphine.  A far more dangerous and addictive medication.  This has caused major issues for pain-management doctors.  Safer prescriptions are often more expensive, so a majority of insurance companies will only approve other cheaper options have been tried.  This will more than often include opiodis.  It is a fine line to walk trying to prescribe medication that will be safe, approved and inexpensive.  




NY Times- Amid Opioid Crisis

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