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5 Tips to Cope with Chronic Pain

 5 Tips to Cope with Chronic Pain

Tip #1: This pain is not your fault, but you are responsible for taking care of it.  In other words, own your pain. Hear me out on this one. Too often, we get caught up in existential rumination like why we have this pain or what we did to deserve this.


Tip #2: Be active. Hear me out on this one, too. It’s counterintuitive. You may think you should rest and protect the painful part of your body. You may be scared to move, for fear of more pain.


Tip #3: Track your pain.  I know, I know, you don’t even want to think about your pain, much less keep track of it. But keeping a pain diary can help you make connections between what you do and how you feel.  


Tip #4: Don’t push through it. It will get worse, I guarantee. So, resist getting indignant and showing the pain who’s boss


Tip #5: Question your beliefs about your pain. This is the big one. Your thoughts may be working against you. Remember what we said at the beginning: own your pain.  One way to do that is to question your old beliefs about pain.


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