How Virtual Reality is being used for Pain Management

Virtual Reality, Artificial Intelligence, and Blockchain. Probably the three biggest technology "buzz-words" being used today. Also the three biggest buzz-words that many would never think to be associated with Pain Management and preventing Addiction.


A new company called Virtual Rehab is spear heading this movement by combining these three up and coming techonologies to help better treat people with Pain and Addiction.


From a high level here's how they use these technologies:




Here are some of the statistics from their website

Although there is little evidence from the medical community in providing more extensive research in the effectiveness of "Virtual Health Care". It is still worth noting how incredible of an implementation of technology this is on the medical world. In not too much time, our society will inevitably be engulfed by these ever growing techonologies. It is wild to imagine just how these things will begin to change and improve our daily lives.


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